At present almost 700,000 households all around the world enjoy ROMOTOP products. Each product that leaves the production plant in Suchdol nad Odrou is the result of a joint effort of all 500 of our employees. Thanks to our modern manufacturing facilities, competent employees and qualified professional salesmen belongs the mark ROMOTOP to the one of the leading brands in its field in Europe. 
The energy fireplaces by Regal Fire represent the perfect solution for efficient, economic and ecological heating of your home. They are designed and manufactured to ensure the efficient and controlled combustion of wood with primary and secondary combustion systems, at the same time achieving reduction of pollutant emissions into the environment.
DRU started out as a blast furnace, producing numerous products from cast iron. DRU pots and pans are still well known today. When natural gas was discovered in the Netherlands at the beginning of the 1960s, DRU switched to producing gas fires and wall heaters. DRU is now one of the oldest industrial companies in the Netherlands.
From a simple sketch, Focus fireplaces take form: true strokes of genius signed by Dominique Imbert. How are they made? Who are the experts that design and craft them? For 50 years, Focus has been forging a perfect balance between creativity and demanding technical standards.
Focus invites you to discover its universe, from the inception of the idea, through the administrative offices, to the production workshop, where savoir-faire comes into full play. Focus metalworkers custom-build the fittings for each stove and fireplace, making every model unique. The work of their hands brings to life the work of design and research, transforming the intangible into the tangible.
M-Design have been producing ornamental fireplaces and inset stoves where customers looking for high quality products could find all the main brands.  In addition M-Design aims for perfection in the area of design and technology and, above all, in the combustion processes in inset and designer stoves.  
At Batibouw 2007 the new Luna gas-fired models were M-Design’s biggest hit, attracting all the attention and, hardly surprisingly, outselling all the other stoves.  M-Design has continued to grow, thanks to serious investment . The company’s success increased further when it introduced the brand new DIAMOND collection: ecological, gas- and wood-fired stoves that have a bright future when it comes to sustainability, that are energy efficient and easy to use and that go hand in hand with nature.
Over the years, Planika has gained wide expertise in modern fire solutions and today we are making the most advanced fireplaces in the world. At the beginning, our flagship product was an ethanol fireplace. Now we offer two approaches to achieve the same natural fire. If you choose ethanol or gas, we already have it for you. Each of our solutions is based on automatic features, unique design and the most natural golden flames. Our mission is to provide innovative and revolutionary technologies necessary to ensure great comfort of use and maximum safety.
Planika is the leader in developing and designing the long line of real fire, even there where you wouldn’t imagine. With the application of the most modern technologies, we can provide natural flames everywhere, without exceptions.
Dik Geurts, which was acquired by DRU in 2007, is now the brand that represents our distinctive, contemporary wood burning stoves and wood fire inserts. DRU has harnessed the knowledge, experience and expertise behind the Dik Geurts brand to produce a range of wood burning and multi-fuel products that cover all domestic applications.   You can choose from classic, no nonsense woodburners, versatile solid fuel stoves, curvaceous and panoramic 3sided log burning stoves and inset wood fires that will not look out of place in any style of home.   Dik Geurts wood fires and stoves are easy to use, energy efficient, clean burning and built to stand the test of time.


We offer the best in design, workmanship and quality materials. A wide range of models and their different tile variations ensure that all your requirements and expectations are met. The high efficiency and clean combustion of furnaces are guaranteed by experience and a strong focus on innovation by our brands.

We always strive to build life-long,
instead of fleeting relationships
with our customers.

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