Maintenance of
fireplaces and chimneys

One of the most important tasks which should be performed annually, is fireplace and chimney cleaning. This is not only important to the efficient operation of your fireplace, but it can also prevent the ignition of residue inside the chimney, which can constitute a grave danger for your house. So, always keep in mind that cleaning your fireplace and chimney is the alpha and omega for its efficiency and safe operation.

During the summer, birds can build their nests inside your chimney, which may greatly damage your fireplace. Such factors may cause it to smoke, or it may even cause an ignition which can irreparably damage your chimney.

The most appropriate time to arrange for the professional cleaning of your fireplace is after the end of the winter season, ideally beginning of March to end of May. Combustion, the method professionals use to clean your fireplace and chimney, practically frees them from the debris deposited by the burning wood during the winter. It also rids them of odours during the humid days of spring and of suspended particles falling from the chimney or fireplace into your living room.

The operation of cleaning the fireplace and chimney should always be performed by a specialised, experienced team of professionals, to ensure the desired result. Although there are different methods of cleaning, most are not particularly effective and can be quite superficial. They can render your fireplace quite dangerous, as your chimney can become a fire hazard.

Our specialised team makes use of modern machines to correctly and thoroughly clean your fireplace and chimney from all debris and creosote build-up, without causing a mess in your space and ensuring your fireplace’s efficient and safe operation.

What we must be careful

  • Use dry firewood.
  • The flame of the fire who make the firewood should not be "bumped" to the chimney.
  • Enjoy your fireplace wisely, do not fill it with firewood if there's really no reason.
  • To select the appropriate firewood.
  • Be aware that purifications fireplace is necessary and must be done at least once a year if you want your fireplace to be functional and efficient.
  • Finally, remember that purifications fireplace installation must be done thoroughly and specialized crew with the right equipment.
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