Wood Energy fireplaces are combustion units that transfer the produced heat into the area through their walls with efficiency of above 75% that is always combined with the adjustable burning of the wood. The hearth of energy fireplaces is made of fire resistant materials, such as vermiculite, while the flames are covered by a special fireproof glass. By enclosing the hearth, the rate of oxygen flowing into the combustion chamber is controlled, so as to achieve a maximum fuel efficiency of 75% to 89%. They can be used as the main heating system to cover large areas, channelling hot air uniformly in a space. This saves significant amounts of thermal energy and heating costs.


Warmth and atmosphere
In recent years the emergence of alternative forms of heating such as gas fireplaces, has changed the way we heat our homes. Modern homes which usually have central heating or underfloor heating, are much better insulated and use less energy. All of these factors contribute to a home’s energy rating, a major determining factor when buying a new home. Our gas fires at Volcano Stores are equipped with the clever and energy-efficient Eco Wave system. By using your smartphone or tablet, to control the clever technology built into the gas fire, you are able to reduce the power of the burner while maintaining the beautiful flames. 


As the core element in our entire range of bioethanol fireplaces, the ebios-fire® is available in wick or automatic burners and offer a wide range of possibilities. Without the need for fuel or chimney installation is possible just about anywhere.

​Fireplaces from ebios-fire® are exclusively fuelled with bioethanol – or simply "ethanol" – which is green, non-fossil fuel made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of organic matter – mainly sugarcane, potatoes and crops like grain or even hay. 

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